Are you ready to shine your light?

There has been a time where I felt lost and alone. All I wanted was to be myself and feel confident. To know who I was and wanted to become. I wanted to design the life that I dreamed of, shine my light. But although I wanted to listen to my soul, I didn't know how to do that, and where to start. 

Do you feel like you want to shine your light and you're done playing small in your life? You're ready to go within and discover the support and wisdom from you soul and the universe. You're ready start healing yourself, so you can become who you most want to be. Are you ready to transform your life into something greater, more meaningful, supporting and fun? Do you feel a calling to start shining your light? Than you might be the perfect student for Shine Your Light!

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The course includes

Soul lessons

Spiritual basics

Design your life

Explore and get to know your innerworld, desires and learn how to listen to your own guidance that lives within. Learn how to tune into your intuition and how you can use it. Ever wondered about how you can feel cofident while being your true self and help others through shining your light? I've got you covered girl.

We get into subjects like, what is energy? How can you fully shine your soul light and how can you communicate with the universe and your guides? We will cover all the spiritual basics you'll need to know and use to shine your light and get the help you want from the universe.

Learn about how you can shape and change your life in the way that you dream to live someday. You'll get clear about your souls desires, and more. Followed by a structure for how to start growing into your dream life and the person you want to become to live that life. Are you exited to learn about the law of attraction and how to get closer to your dream life?

Discover your gifts

Creative exercises

Custom meditations

Get clear on how you can use your gifts and shine your light, while helping others. Let your inner mentor guide you, listen to what information the universe has to give you and take practical steps to discover your passions. All the tools to help you discover your gifts.

Because I wanted to make this learning experience as easy and fun as possible, there are video lessons, worksheets, meditations. But also creative exersizes to express yourself and learn about yourself through mixed media and more.

Guided meditations are a tool to easely get the answeres you need, heal what needs to be seen and discover the beauty and power of your light. Follow the guided meditations provided during the course to find peace and guidance within yourself, spread throughout the course.

Ask questions

Meet your Soulsisters

During our live Q&A calles and facebook group I will be helping your every step of the way. Just send in your questions and I will answere them throughout the course. 

Through Shine Your Light you'll likely meet a whole bunch of awsome slikeminded people in our private facebook community. So if you wnat you can share experiences, ask questions and get to know your soulsisters.  

And so much more!

If your soul does a little exited twirl right now and you want to know the details about the program, price etc. Join our waitlist and I will send you all you need to know in your inbox soon, because the course is almost ready to launch!  

My story

A lot of us have been living on autopilot. We're afraid to open up to our soul potential, so we stay small becasue of the fear of change and to be vulnerable. I deffinitly know what that feels like. It took deppression, panick attacs and other wake-up calls to finally listen to my soul and intuition (thanks universe). To be myself, love myself and shine my light, fully. I've learned so much in the past 6 years, and it has been mind blowing, magical, it opened up my heart and it completaly transformed my life. And now it's time for me to help you on your path to shine your light.  

It can be though, to be honest with yourself, healing the parts that hold you back to live the life you dream of and discover what your gifts and desires are. But I can't tell you how much more colorful, meaningfull and joyful it will be if you start showing up for yourself in such a powerful way. It's beautiful to see how much peoples lives can changes when they finally start shining their light! I hope you'll become one of them. Doesn't matter if that's through my course or something else. Everyone deserves to shine their light.

What Graduates Say  

"Shine Your Light has helped me to listen more to what it is that I want. I've also learned a lot about myself during the course, and I especially loved the meditations. When you're meditating there's no right or wrong and your inner voice can tell you what you need to hear. Amber is loving, helpful and she creates a safe space."  

-Marielle van Delden Nyrud

"I absolutely loved Shine Your Light, it has made me see the world differently. And the meditations are awesome, even for people who haven't meditated before. The course includes some really fun modules. I've really faced myself in ways that I hadn't before, in a good way!  

-Esmee Hollander

"The moment I stared Shine Your Light, I had a lot going on. But especially at the end of the course, everything I learned fell into place. Thanks to Shine Your Light I now listen to what I want and less to what others think I should do. I also have more peace of mind, and I really want to thank Amber for that! "  

-Doortje de Boer

This course is made for personal development. It is spiritual and practical. For more information email: and join the waitlist for the start of the enrolment. I can't wait to hear from you.