Speak your truth, be yourself and change the world

Are you afraid that who you most want to become will never look like you, while the years continue to go by and you'll not be able to follow your dreams, because you are holding yourself back? 

Do you want to make your dreams come true, while following your heart and intuition, feeling supported by the universe at all times and learning all of this and more by a no BS mentor (aka, yours truly)? 

Are you interested in spirituality and personal development? And are you ready take the next step, to break free from what is holding you back to become who you most want to be and learn how to tune into your intuition? 

Than you might be the perfect student for the Shine Your Light online course!

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The course includes

- Discovering your inique strenghts, quirks ect. Meeting you inner mentor, making your dreams crystal clear.

-Learning how to communicate with your higher-self, your loving universal helpers and tune into your intuition

- Releasing and healing your blockages, taking actionable steps to learn how to start showing up as your true self and becoming who you most want to be. 

- Learn the magic of alignment, flow, intention and the law of attraction


- Live Q&A's with me

- A community of like minded people that you can relate to and grow with

- A Super fun learning experience, including video's, meditations, worksheets, creative exercises and more

- Life long acces to the course

Side effects may include

- Clarity about your mission and who you want to become

- Confidance, being your true self and loving yourself like the Katy Perry song (unconditiooo-na-ly...)

- Freedom from the fears and limmiting believes that were holding you back

- Knowing how to ask and receive the support and guidance you need from the universe and your higher self

- Feeling supported, feeling happier and making your dream life a reality 

What Graduates Say

These are testemonials from the first version of Shine Your Light

"Shine Your Light has helped me to listen more to what it is that I want. I've also learned a lot about myself during the course, and I especially loved the meditations. When you're meditating there's no right or wrong and your inner voice can tell you what you need to hear. Amber is loving, helpful and she creates a safe space."

-Marielle van Delden Nyrud

"I absolutely loved Shine Your Light, it has made me see the world differently. And the meditations are awesome, even for people who haven't meditated before. The course includes some really fun modules. I've really faced myself in ways that I hadn't before, in a good way!

-Esmee Hollander

"The moment I stared Shine Your Light, I had a lot going on. But especially at the end of the course, everything I learned fell into place. Thanks to Shine Your Light I now listen to what I want and less to what others think I should do. I also have more peace of mind, and I really want to thank Amber for that! "

-Doortje de Boer

This course is made for personal development. It is spiritual and practical. It includes video lessons, a lot of fun mediations and practical exercises. 

Are you ready to shine your light?

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